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List of X ray synonyms and X ray related words.

Becquerel ray, ECG, EEG, EKG, Grenz ray, Photostat, Roentgen ray, X radiation, X-ray movie, Xerox, actinic ray, actinism, alpha radiation, alpha ray, anode ray, atomic beam, atomic ray, beam, beam of light, beta radiation, beta ray, blood bank, calotype, canal ray, capture on film, cathode ray, charity ward, chest X-ray, clinic, consultation room, cosmic radiation, cosmic ray, cosmic ray bombardment, delivery room, dispensary, electrocardiogram, electrocorticogram, electroencephalogram, electroencephalograph, electromyogram, electron emission, emergency, encephalogram, encephalograph, examining room, fever ward, film, gamma radiation, gamma ray, gleam, hospital room, infrared ray, infraroentgen ray, intensive care, invisible radiation, irradiate, isolation, labor room, laboratory, leam, maternity ward, microfilm, mug, nuclear rays, nursery, operating room, orthodiagram, pan, patch, pencil, pharmacy, photofluorogram, photofluorograph, photogram, photograph, photomap, photon, positive ray, prison ward, private room, pyelogram, radiation, radiogram, radiograph, radiorays, radiumize, ray, ray of light, recovery room, ribbon, ribbon of light, roentgenize, roentgenogram, roentgenograph, scotograph, semi-private room, shadowgram, shadowgraph, shoot, skiagram, skiagraph, snap, snapshoot, snapshot, solar rays, streak, stream, stream of light, streamer, surgery, take a photograph, talbotype, therapy, treatment room, ultraviolet ray, violet ray, ward