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List of Xerox synonyms and Xerox related words.

Ditto copy, Photostat, X-ray, Xerox copy, blowup, blueprint, calotype, capture on film, clone, contact print, contact printing, copy, cyanotype, ditto, double, dupe, duplicate, enlargement, facsimile, film, glossy, hectograph, hectograph copy, hologram, impress, impression, lantern slide, manifold, matte, microcopy, microfilm, microprint, mimeo, mimeograph, mimeograph copy, mug, multigraph, negative, offprint, pan, photocopy, photograph, photogravure, photomap, photostatic copy, positive, print, projection printing, proof, quadruplicate, radiograph, reduplicate, replicate, reprint, reproduce, roentgenograph, semi-matte, shoot, slide, snap, snapshoot, snapshot, stat, take a photograph, talbotype, trace, transcribe, transparency, triplicate