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List of automobile synonyms and automobile related words.

PCV valve, accelerator, alternator, ambulance, ammeter, armored car, auto, autocar, beach buggy, bearings, berlin, boat, bonnet, boot, brake, brougham, bucket seat, buggy, bumper, bus, cabriolet, camper, camshaft, car, carburetor, carryall, chassis, choke, clutch, coach, combat car, command car, connecting rod, convertible, convertible coupe, convertible sedan, convertible top, coupe, cowl, crank, crankcase, crankshaft, crate, cutout, cylinder, cylinder head, dash, dashboard, differential, distributor, double fueler, dragster, exhaust, exhaust pipe, fan, fastback, fender, fire engine, flywheel, fueler, gear, gearbox, gearshift, generator, gocart, golf cart, headlight, headrest, heap, hearse, hood, horn, hot rod, hovercar, ignition, intake, jalopy, jeep, landau, limousine, machine, manifold, motor, motor vehicle, motorcar, motorized vehicle, muffler, parking light, phaeton, piston, power brakes, power steering, race car, racer, racing car, radiator, rail, rear-view mirror, roadster, rocket car, runabout, saloon, seat belt, sedan, sedan limousine, shock absorber, spark plug, speedometer, sports car, springs, staff car, starter, station wagon, steamer, steering wheel, top, torpedo, tourer, touring coupe, tractor, transmission, tub, two-seater, universal, valve, voiture, wheels, windscreen, windshield, wreck, wrecker