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List of back up synonyms and back up related words.

act for, advance, affirm, afford support, answer for, appear for, ascend, attest, authenticate, back, back away, back off, backpedal, backtrack, backtrail, backwater, bear, bear out, bear up, bolster, bolster up, brace, budge, buoy up, buttress, carry, certify, champion, change, change place, circle, circumstantiate, climb, come after, come last, commission, confirm, corroborate, countermarch, cradle, crutch, cushion, deputize, descend, document, ebb, elect, endorse, fall astern, fall back, fall behind, flow, follow, fortify, front for, get behind, get in behind, get over, give support, go, go around, go back, go backwards, go into reverse, go round, go sideways, gyrate, hold, hold up, keep afloat, keep up, lag behind, lend support, mainstay, maintain, make sternway, mount, move, move over, nominate, pillow, pinch-hit for, plunge, probate, progress, prop, prove, ratify, regress, reinforce, represent, retrogress, reverse, revert, rise, rotate, run, run interference for, second, shift, shore, shore up, shoulder, side with, sink, soar, speak for, spin, stand back of, stand behind, stand by, stand in for, stay, stick by, stick up for, stir, stream, strengthen, subside, subsidize, substantiate, substitute for, subvention, support, sustain, take sides with, trail, trail behind, travel, underbrace, undergird, underlie, underpin, underset, understudy, upbear, uphold, upkeep, validate, verify, vote, wane, warrant, whirl