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List of bate synonyms and bate related words.

abate, ablate, abrade, abstract, alleviate, allow, attenuate, bar, be eaten away, blunt, charge off, close, consume, consume away, corrode, count out, crumble, curtail, cut, debar, decline, decrease, deduct, deliquesce, depreciate, derogate, detract, die away, die down, dilute, diminish, discount, disedge, disparage, dive, drain, draw the teeth, drop, drop off, dull, dwindle, ease, ease off, ease up, eat away, ebb, eliminate, erode, except, extenuate, extract, fall, fall away, fall off, file away, impair, kick back, languish, leach, lessen, let down, let up, loose, loosen, make allowance, melt away, mitigate, moderate, obtund, plummet, plunge, purify, rebate, reduce, refine, refund, relax, remit, remove, repress, retrench, retund, rub away, rule out, run low, sag, shorten, shrink, sink, slack, slack off, slack up, slacken, slake, subduct, subside, subtract, suspend, tail off, take a premium, take away, take from, take off, taper, taper off, thin, thin out, turn, unbend, unbrace, unstrain, unstring, wane, waste, waste away, water down, weaken, wear, wear away, weed, withdraw, write off