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List of dampen synonyms and dampen related words.

abate, abridge, absorb the shock, allay, alleviate, arrest, asperge, assuage, attemper, attenuate, baffle, bank the fire, beat down, bedew, bespatter, besprinkle, blunt, bottle up, break the fall, cast down, chasten, check, chill, compress, constrain, control, cool, countercheck, cramp, cripple, curb, curtail, cushion, cut, cut back, cut down, dabble, dam up, damp, dampen the spirits, darken, dash, de-emphasize, deaden, deafen, debilitate, decrease, deduct, deflate, deflect, deject, delay, depreciate, depress, detain, deter, devitalize, dew, diminish, disaffect, discourage, dishearten, disincline, disinterest, dispirit, distract, divert, douche, downgrade, downplay, dull, enervate, enfeeble, eviscerate, exhaust, extenuate, gruel, hinder, hold back, hold in check, hold up, hose, hose down, humect, humectate, humidify, impede, indispose, inhibit, intercept, interfere, intermeddle, interrupt, intervene, irrigate, keep back, keep in check, keep within bounds, knock down, lay, lay low, lenify, lessen, lighten, lower, lower the spirits, meddle, mitigate, moderate, modulate, moisten, muffle, mute, neutralize, obtund, offset, oppose, oppress, paddle, palliate, pare, play down, press down, put off, quench, rattle, reduce, reduce the temperature, repel, repress, resist, restrain, retard, retrench, roll back, sadden, sap, scale down, scotch, set back, shake, shake up, shorten, show consideration, show mercy, show pity, simplify, sink, slacken, slobber, slop, slosh, slow down, smother, snub, sober, sober down, soft-pedal, soften, soften the blow, soften up, sparge, spatter, splash, splatter, sponge, spray, sprinkle, step down, stifle, stop, subdue, suppress, swash, syringe, take from, tame, temper, tone down, tune down, turn aside, turn away, turn from, turn off, unbrace, undermine, underplay, unman, unnerve, unstrengthen, unstring, water, weaken, wean from, weigh heavy upon, weigh upon, wet, wet down