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List of devote synonyms and devote related words.

allocate, allot, apply, appoint, appropriate, assign, attempt, attend to business, beatify, bend, bestow, bless, buckle down, busy, canonize, cleanse, commit, confide, consecrate, consecrate to, consume, dedicate, dedicate to, destinate, destine, direct, donate, doom, employ, endeavor, engage, enshrine, exalt, expend, fate, foredoom, give, give away, give over to, give to, give up, glorify, hallow, hand out, mark, mind the store, occupy, ordain, pass, pass the time, pledge, present, purify, put aside, put away, put in, saint, sanctify, set apart, set aside, spend, spend the time, strive, struggle, throw, try, turn, use, use up, utilize, vow, while, while away, wile