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List of dewy synonyms and dewy related words.

boggy, budding, callow, damp, dampish, dank, ever-new, evergreen, fenny, firsthand, fledgling, fresh, green, growing, humid, immature, impubic, inexperienced, ingenuous, innocent, intact, juicy, maiden, maidenly, marshy, minor, moist, muggy, naive, neoteric, nestling, new, new-fledged, original, pristine, rainy, raw, ripening, roric, roriferous, sappy, sempervirent, sticky, swampy, tacky, tender, unadult, unbeaten, underage, undeveloped, undried, unfledged, unformed, unhandled, unlicked, unmellowed, unripe, unseasoned, untouched, untried, untrodden, unused, vernal, virgin, virginal, wet, wettish, young