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List of facing synonyms and facing related words.

across, against, antipodal, antithetic, bush, bushing, coat, coating, confronting, contra, contrapositive, converse, doubling, doublure, enamel, eyeball-to-eyeball, facade, filler, filling, film, forward, forwards, front, fronting, frontward, frontwards, fur, headward, headwards, in front of, in opposition to, inlay, inlayer, insole, interlineation, inverse, lacquer, liner, lining, obverse, onward, onwards, opposing, opposite, opposite to, over, over against, overlay, packing, padding, paint, pellicle, polar, polaric, polarized, reverse, revetment, scale, scum, skin, stuffing, surface, toward, vanward, varnish, veneer, versus, vis-a-vis, wadding, wainscot