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List of farm machinery synonyms and farm machinery related words.

all-crop harvester, baler, bean harvester, beet harvester, binder, breaker, cast plow, combine, cotton picker, cultivator, disk, disk harrow, disk plow, drag, drill, drill plow, four-bottom plow, gang plow, grain harvester, grub hook, harrow, harvester, haymaker, header, hoe drill, lister, lister cultivator, middlebreaker, moldboard plow, peg-tooth harrow, planter, plow, plow drill, prairie breaker, press drill, rake, rotary plow, scooter, seed plow, seeder, shovel plow, snap machine, sprayer, spring-tooth harrow, stag gang, subsoil plow, sulky lister, sulky plow, swather, swivel plow, tedder, thrasher, three-bottom plow, thresher, threshing machine, trench plow, turnplow, two-bottom plow, vineyard plow, walking plow, windrower