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Friday, Friday the thirteenth, Heaven, Paradise, Z, a better place, accidentality, act of God, actuarial calculation, adventitiousness, afterlife, afterworld, allocate, allot, allotment, allowance, apodosis, appoint, appointed lot, appropriate to, assign, assign to, astral influences, astrology, bane, big end, bigger half, bit, bite, book of fate, break, budget, casualness, catastrophe, ceasing, certainty, cessation, chance, chunk, circumstance, coda, collapse, commission, conclusion, consequence, constellation, consummation, contingent, crack of doom, culmination, cup, curtain, curtains, cut, deal, death, death knell, deathblow, decease, denouement, destinate, destination, destine, destiny, destruction, detail, determine, devote, dies funestis, disaster, disposition, dividend, dole, doom, downfall, earmark, effect, end, end point, ending, envoi, epilogue, equal share, eschatology, eternal home, expiration, fatality, fatefulness, final solution, final twitch, final words, finale, finality, finis, finish, flukiness, force majeure, foredoom, fortuitousness, fortuity, fortune, future, future state, gamble, goal, good fortune, good luck, half, halver, hap, happenstance, happy chance, heedless hap, helping, home, how they fall, ides of March, indefeasibility, indeterminacy, indeterminateness, ineluctability, inescapableness, inevasibleness, inevitability, inevitable accident, inevitableness, inexorability, inflexibility, interest, irrevocability, issue, izzard, karma, kismet, last, last breath, last gasp, last things, last trumpet, last words, latter end, law of averages, life, life after death, life to come, lot, luck, make assignments, mark, mark off, mark out for, measure, meed, mess, modicum, moiety, moira, necessity, nemesis, next world, omega, opportunity, ordain, otherworld, outcome, part, payoff, percentage, period, peroration, piece, planets, portion, portion off, postexistence, predetermination, preordain, principle of indeterminacy, probability, problematicness, proportion, providence, quantum, quietus, quota, rake-off, random sample, ration, relentlessness, reserve, resolution, resting place, restrict, restrict to, result, risk, ruin, run of luck, schedule, segment, serendipity, set, set apart, set aside, set off, share, slice, small share, stake, stars, statistical probability, stock, stoppage, stopping place, sureness, swan song, tag, term, terminal, termination, terminus, the beyond, the breaks, the good hereafter, the grave, the great beyond, the great hereafter, the hereafter, the unknown, theory of probability, unavoidable casualty, unavoidableness, uncertainty, uncertainty principle, uncontrollability, undeflectability, undoing, unlucky day, unpreventability, unyieldingness, upshot, vis major, weird, what bodes, what is fated, whatever comes, wheel of fortune, will of Heaven, windup, world to come