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List of fission synonyms and fission related words.

ablate, abscission, accelerate, activate, alpha decay, amputation, atom-chipping, atom-smashing, atomic disintegration, atomic reaction, atomization, atomize, beta decay, bifurcate, bisect, bombard, bombardment, branch, break into pieces, break to pieces, break up, breeding, bullet, butchering, by two, catalysis, catalyst, chain reaction, chopping, cleavage, cleave, come apart, consume, corrode, crack up, crash, cross-bombard, crumble, crumble into dust, crunch, crush, cut in two, cut to pieces, cutting, decay, decompose, demolish, dialysis, dichotomize, dichotomy, diffuse, dimidiate, disintegrate, disintegration series, disjoin, disorganize, disperse, disrupt, dissociation, dissolve, divide, enucleation, erode, exchange reaction, excision, fall to pieces, fission reaction, fork, fragment, gamma decay, grind, halve, hydrolysis, hydrolyst, in half, ionization, laceration, make mincemeat of, mince, molder, mutilation, neutron reaction, nonreversible reaction, nuclear fission, nucleization, nucleize, photodisintegration, photolysis, proton gun, proton reaction, pulverize, ramify, rending, resection, reversible reaction, ripping, scatter, scission, section, severance, shatter, shiver, slashing, slicing, smash, smash the atom, smash up, splinter, split, split in two, splitting, splitting the atom, squash, squish, stimulation, subdivide, surgery, target, tearing, thermolysis, thermonuclear reaction, transect, waste away, wear away