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List of futile synonyms and futile related words.

abortive, absurd, airy, apish, asinine, bad, barren, batty, befooled, beguiled, besotted, bootless, brainless, buffoonish, catchpenny, cockeyed, counterproductive, crazy, credulous, daffy, daft, dazed, dizzy, doomed, doting, dumb, effete, empty, etiolated, failed, failing, fatuitous, fatuous, feckless, flaky, flimsy, fond, fool, foolheaded, foolish, foredoomed, fribble, fribbling, frivolous, frothy, fruitless, fuddled, gaga, goofy, gulled, hollow, idiotic, idle, ill-advised, ill-considered, ill-suited, ill-timed, imbecile, impolitic, impotent, improper, in vain, inadequate, inadvisable, inane, inappropriate, inapt, incongruous, ineffective, ineffectual, inefficacious, inefficient, inept, inexpedient, infatuated, infelicitous, inoperative, inopportune, insane, insufficient, invalid, kooky, lame, light, loony, mad, mal a propos, malapropos, manque, maudlin, miscarried, miscarrying, moronic, nugacious, nugatory, nutty, of no effect, of no force, otiose, out of place, profitless, sappy, screwy, senseless, sentimental, shallow, silly, slender, slight, sterile, stickit, stillborn, stupid, successless, superficial, thoughtless, trifling, trite, trivial, unavailable, unavailing, unbefitting, undesirable, unfit, unfitting, unfortunate, unhappy, unmeet, unproductive, unprofitable, unsatisfactory, unseasonable, unseemly, unsuccessful, unsuitable, untimely, unwise, useless, vacuous, vain, vapid, wacky, wet, windy, witless, worthless, wrong