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List of impact synonyms and impact related words.

affect, affective meaning, altitude peak, appulse, automatic control, backlash, backwash, bearing, bed, blast-off, blow, bounce, brunt, buffet, bulldozing, bulling, bump, bumping, burden, burn, burnout, cannon, carambole, carom, ceiling, change, clash, clout, colliding, collision, coloring, concussion, confirm, connotation, consequence, consequences, contact, crack-up, cram in, crash, crashing, crowd in, crump, crunch, deep-dye, define, denotation, descent, drift, drive in, effect, embed, encounter, end of burning, engraft, engrave, entrench, essence, establish, etch, extension, fix, flight, force, force in, found, gist, grammatical meaning, ground, hammering, hit, idea, ignition, impingement, implant, implication, import, impress, impression, imprint, infix, influence, ingrain, inscribe, intension, jam, jam in, jar, jolt, jounce, knock in, launch, lexical meaning, lift-off, literal meaning, lodge, mark, mauling, meaning, meeting, modify, onslaught, overtone, pack, pack in, percussion, pertinence, pith, plant, plunge in, point, poke in, pound, pound in, practical consequence, press in, print, punch, purport, push in, quake, quiver, ram in, ramming, range of meaning, rap, reaction, real meaning, recoil, reference, referent, reflex, relation, relevance, repercussion, response, results, rock, rocket launching, root, run in, scope, seat, semantic cluster, semantic field, sense, set, set in, settle, shake, shock, shoot, shot, sideswipe, significance, signification, significatum, signifie, slap, sledgehammering, smash, smash-up, smashing, span of meaning, spirit, squeeze in, stamp, stereotype, strike, striking, stroke, structural meaning, stuff in, substance, sum, sum and substance, symbolic meaning, tamp in, tenor, thrust, thrust in, thrusting, totality of associations, trajectory, transferred meaning, tremble, tremor, unadorned meaning, undertone, value, velocity peak, wallop, wedge, wedge in, weight, whomp