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List of jackknife synonyms and jackknife related words.

adz, ax, belly buster, belly flop, belly whopper, bread knife, bushwhacker, butcher knife, cannonball, carving knife, chaser, chisel, cleaver, clipper, clippers, crash dive, dagger, dive, drop, fall, gainer, gouge, hack, hatchet, header, hoe, hunting knife, knife, lance, lancet, letter-opener, machete, mattock, nippers, nose dive, paper cutter, paper knife, parachute jump, paring knife, penknife, pick, pickax, pitch, plowshare, plunge, pounce, power dive, razor, razor blade, running dive, saw knife, sax, scalpel, scissors, scoop, scraper, scuffle hoe, scythe, share, shears, sheath knife, sickle, sidecutters, sky dive, snips, spear, spokeshave, stationary dive, stoop, surgical knife, swan dive, swoop, sword, table knife, wedge