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List of lacuna synonyms and lacuna related words.

alveolation, alveolus, antrum, aperture, armpit, arrearage, basin, bowl, breach, break, broaching, caesura, cavity, cessation, chasm, check, clearance, clearing, cleft, concave, concavity, crack, crater, crypt, cup, defalcation, defect, deficiency, deficit, depression, dip, disclosure, discontinuity, distance between, double space, em space, en space, fenestra, fissure, fistula, fold, follicle, fontanel, foramen, freeboard, funnel chest, gap, gape, gat, gulf, hair space, half space, hiatus, hole, hollow, hollow shell, inlet, interim, intermediate space, intermission, interruption, interspace, interstice, interval, jump, lack, laying open, leak, leap, leeway, letup, lull, margin, missing link, need, omission, opening, opening up, orifice, outage, outlet, passageway, pause, pit, pocket, pore, punch bowl, room, scoop, shell, shortage, single space, sink, sinus, slot, socket, space, space between, split, stoma, suspension, throwing open, time interval, trough, ullage, uncorking, unstopping, vug, want, wantage, yawn