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List of landholding synonyms and landholding related words.

acres, alluvion, alluvium, arable land, blessed with, clay, clod, crust, dirt, dominion, dominium, dry land, dust, earth, enfeoffed, freehold, glebe, grassland, ground, having, having and holding, holding, in possession of, land, land tenure, landed, landholdings, landownership, landowning, lithosphere, lordship, marginal land, marl, master of, mold, occupying, overlordship, ownership, owning, possessed of, possessing, possessorship, propertied, property-owning, proprietary, proprietorship, real estate, real property, region, regolith, seigniory, seized of, sod, soil, sovereignty, subaerial deposit, subsoil, tenured, terra, terra firma, terrain, territory, the country, topsoil, woodland, worth