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List of languid synonyms and languid related words.

Laodicean, Olympian, abeyant, aloof, ambling, anemic, anesthetized, apathetic, asthenic, benumbed, blah, blase, bloodless, bored, cataleptic, catatonic, cautious, chicken, circumspect, claudicant, comatose, cowardly, crawling, creeping, creeping like snail, dead, debilitated, deliberate, desensitized, detached, disinterested, doped, dopey, dormant, dozy, dreamy, drooping, droopy, drowsy, drugged, drugged with sleep, dull, easy, effete, enervated, enfeebled, etiolated, exanimate, fagged, faint, fainting, faintish, faltering, fatigued, feeble, feeling faint, flabby, flaccid, flagging, flat, floppy, foot-dragging, footsore, foul, frazzled, gentle, gone, good and tired, gradual, groggy, gutless, half asleep, halting, heartless, heavy, heavy with sleep, heavy-eyed, hebetudinous, hobbled, hobbling, hopeless, idle, imbecile, impassive, impotent, in a stupor, in abeyance, in suspense, inactive, inanimate, indifferent, indolent, inert, insouciant, jaded, lackadaisical, languishing, languorous, latent, lazy, leaden, leisurely, lethargic, lifeless, limber, limp, limping, listless, logy, lumbering, lumpish, lustless, marrowless, moderate, moribund, napping, narcoleptic, narcose, narcotized, narcous, nerveless, nodding, nonchalant, numb, numbed, oscitant, out of it, passive, phlegmatic, pithless, pluckless, poking, poky, pooped, powerless, ready to drop, relaxed, reluctant, resigned, rubbery, run ragged, run-down, sagging, sapless, sated, sauntering, sedated, sedentary, seedy, shuffling, sinewless, slack, sleep-drowned, sleep-drunk, sleep-filled, sleep-swollen, sleepful, sleeping, sleepy, slothful, slow, slow as death, slow as molasses, slow as slow, slow-crawling, slow-foot, slow-going, slow-legged, slow-moving, slow-paced, slow-poky, slow-running, slow-sailing, slow-stepped, sluggish, slumbering, slumberous, slumbery, smoldering, snail-paced, snaillike, snoozy, soft, somnolent, soporific, spineless, spiritless, spunkless, staggering, stagnant, stagnating, standing, static, stoic, strengthless, stretchy, strolling, stultified, stupefied, stuporose, stuporous, supine, suspended, tame, tentative, tired, tired-winged, toddling, toilworn, torpid, tortoiselike, tottering, trudging, turtlelike, unaroused, uncaring, unconcerned, unhardened, unhurried, uninterested, unnerved, unrefreshed, unrestored, unstrung, vegetable, vegetative, waddling, wan, way-weary, wayworn, weak, weakened, weakly, wearied, weariful, weary, weary-footed, weary-laden, weary-winged, weary-worn, wilting, withdrawn, world-weary, worn, worn-down, yawning, yawny