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List of lapsed synonyms and lapsed related words.

Adamic, Circean, ago, animal, animalistic, antiquated, antique, apostate, atheistic, backsliding, beastlike, beastly, bestial, blasphemous, blown over, bodily, brutal, brute, brutish, by, bygone, bypast, carnal, carnal-minded, coarse, dated, dead, dead and buried, deceased, defunct, departed, earthy, elapsed, erring, expired, extinct, fallen, fallen from grace, finished, fleshly, forgotten, frail, gone, gone glimmering, gone-by, gross, has-been, impious, impure, infirm, irrecoverable, irreligious, irreverent, material, materialistic, no more, nonspiritual, obsolete, of easy virtue, orgiastic, over, passe, passed, passed away, past, peccable, physical, postlapsarian, prodigal, profanatory, profane, recidivist, recidivistic, recreant, renegade, run out, sacrilegious, swinish, unangelic, unchaste, unclean, undutiful, ungodly, ungood, unrighteous, unsaintly, unspiritual, unvirtuous, vanished, virtueless, wanton, wayward, weak, wound up