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List of magistrate synonyms and magistrate related words.

JP, Justice, alderman, arbiter, arbitrator, archon, bailie, beak, bencher, burghermaster, burgomaster, cabinet member, cabinet minister, chancellor, chief executive, chief executive officer, city councilman, city father, city manager, commissar, commissioner, councillor, councilman, councilwoman, county commissioner, county supervisor, court, critic, dean, elder, executive, executive director, executive officer, executive secretary, headman, his honor, his lordship, his worship, impartial arbitrator, indicator, induna, judge, justice, legislator, lord mayor, maire, management, managing director, mayor, minister, minister of state, moderator, officer, official, portreeve, prefect, president, prexy, provost, reeve, referee, secretary, secretary of state, selectman, supervisor, syndic, the administration, third party, treasurer, umpire, unbiased observer, undersecretary, vice-chancellor, vice-president, warden