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appellation, appointment, assignment, baptism, calling, characterization, christening, connotative, definition, demonstrative, denomination, denominative, denotation, denotative, designation, designative, diagnostic, differentiation, disclosure, emblematic, evidential, exhibitive, expression, expressive, figural, figurative, fingering, hint, identification, identifying, ideographic, idiosyncratic, implicative, indicating, indication, indicative, indicativeness, indicatory, individual, manifestation, meaning, meaningful, metaphorical, nicknaming, nomination, ordainment, ordination, pathognomonic, peculiar, picking out, pointing, pointing out, pointing to, posting, proposal, representative, selection, semantic, semiotic, show, showing, signalizing, significant, signification, significative, signifying, specification, styling, suggestion, suggestive, symbolic, symbolistic, symbological, symptomatic, symptomaticness, symptomatologic, tabbing, terming, transferral, typical