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List of oblivious synonyms and oblivious related words.

Lethean, absent, absent-minded, absentminded, absorbed, abstracted, airy, amnestic, asleep, bemused, blank, blankminded, blind, blind to, blocked, calm, careless, castle-building, casual, cataleptic, catatonic, cold, comatose, converted, cursory, daydreaming, daydreamy, dead, dead asleep, dead to, deaf, deaf to, deep asleep, degage, detached, disregardant, disregardful, distant, doped, dormant, dreaming, dreamy, drowsing, drugged, easygoing, ecstatic, elsewhere, empty, empty-headed, engrossed, faraway, fast asleep, fatuous, flaked-out, flippant, forgetful, forgetting, free and easy, half-awake, half-conscious, heedless, in a reverie, in the clouds, inane, inclined to forget, incogitant, incognizant, inconsiderate, indifferent, insensible, insensitive, insouciant, lazy, lost, lost in thought, lost to, meditative, mooning, moonraking, museful, musing, napping, narcotized, nirvanic, nodding, offhand, out, out cold, out of it, passive, pensive, perfunctory, pipe-dreaming, preoccupied, quietistic, rapt, reckless, regardless, relaxed, removed, repressed, respectless, semiconscious, senseless, sleeping, slumbering, somewhere else, sound asleep, spaced out, stargazing, stoned, strung out, suppressed, tactless, taken up, thoughtfree, thoughtless, tranquil, transported, unacquainted, unaware, unconcerned, unconscious, undiplomatic, unfamiliar, unfeeling, unheedful, unheeding, unideaed, uninformed, uninstructed, unintellectual, unknowing, unmindful, unoccupied, unprepared, unready, unreasoning, unsolicitous, untactful, unthinking, unwitting, vacant, vacuous, woolgathering, wrapped in thought, zonked, zonked out