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abide by, accommodate, accommodate with, accord, act up to, adapt, adapt to, adhere to, adjust, adjust to, administer, administer Communion, agree with, allude to, animadvert, assimilate to, attend, attend Communion, attend Mass, attend to, attend to orders, autopsy, be faithful to, be guided by, be vigilant, be watchful, beat the drum, behold, beholder, bend, blow the trumpet, blurt, blurt out, bystander, call attention to, canvass, carry out, carry through, case, catch sight of, celebrate, celebrate Mass, check, check out, check over, check up on, chime in with, clap eyes on, commemorate, comment, comment upon, commentate, communicate, complete, comply, comply with, compose, conform, conform to, consider, contemplate, conventionalize, correct, correspond, declare, defer to, descry, dignify, discern, discharge, discipline, discover, distinguish, do justice to, dress ship, effect, effectuate, enforce, espy, examine, exclaim, execute, eye, eyeball, eyewitness, fall in with, fill, fill out, fire a salute, fit, follow, follow the book, formalize, fulfill, gaze at, gear to, give an examination, glimpse, go by, go over, hallow, harken to, harmonize, have a looksee, have in sight, heed, hold by, hold in view, hold jubilee, honor, implement, inspect, interject, jubilate, jubilize, keep, keep faith with, keep in sight, keep in view, keep under observation, ken, lay eyes on, let drop, let fall, listen to, live up to, look, look after, look at, look on, look over, look upon, looker-on, maffick, make, make conform, make good, make merry, make out, make reference to, mark, meet, memorialize, mention, mind, mold, monitor, muse, note, notice, obey, obey the rules, observer, onlooker, opine, overhaul, overlook, pass over, pass under review, pay attention to, peer at, perceive, peruse, pick out, pore over, postmortem, promulgate, prosecute, put in force, put through, receive the Sacrament, recognize, reconcile, reconnoiter, rectify, refer to, reflect, regard, remark, remark upon, remember, render, respect, revere, reverence, review, ritualize, rub off corners, run over, satisfy, say, scan, scout, scrutinize, see, set an examination, settle, shape, sight, signalize, size, size up, solemnize, solemnly mark, sound a fanfare, speak, spot, spy, spy upon, state, stay in line, straighten, study, stylize, submit, suit, survey, take in, take note, take notice, take orders, take stock of, take the measure, tally with, tend, toe the line, transact, twig, up on, venerate, view, viewer, watch, watcher, witness, yield