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List of overturn synonyms and overturn related words.

Waterloo, answer, answer conclusively, argue down, be lost, beating, bloodless revolution, bouleversement, breakdown, breakup, bring down, capsizal, capsize, careen, cataclysm, catastrophe, clean slate, clean sweep, collapse, computer revolution, confound, confute, conquering, conquest, contradict, controvert, convulsion, counterrevolution, crash, crush, culbute, culbuter, deathblow, debacle, deck, defeat, demolish, deny, depose, destruction, dismiss, dispose of, down, downcast, downfall, downthrow, drubbing, eject, failure, fall, finish, floor, founder, go down, hiding, honeycomb, invert, keel, keel over, knock down, knock over, lambasting, lathering, licking, mastery, nonplus, oust, ouster, ousting, overcome, overcoming, overmaster, overmatch, overpower, overset, overthrow, overturning, overwhelm, palace revolution, parry, pitchpole, precipitation, prostrate, prostration, put to silence, quietus, radical change, rebut, reduce to silence, refute, reorganization, revolt, revolute, revolution, revolutionary war, revolutionize, revulsion, ruin, sabotage, sap, sap the foundations, scuttle, send flying, settle, shake-up, shut up, silence, sink, smash, smash all opposition, somersault, somerset, spasm, spill, squash, squelch, striking alteration, subdual, subduing, subjugation, subversion, subvert, surmount, sweeping change, tabula rasa, technological revolution, thrashing, throw down, throw over, tip over, topple, topple over, toppling, topsy-turvify, topsy-turvy, total change, transilience, trimming, trip, trip up, trouncing, tumble, turn a somersault, turn over, turn topsy-turvy, turn turtle, turn upside down, turnover, undermine, undoing, unhorse, unseat, unseating, unthrone, upend, upheaval, upset, upset the boat, upturn, vanquishment, violent change, weaken, whipping