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List of pacific synonyms and pacific related words.

appeasing, at peace, at rest, bloodless, broken, calm, chastened, civilian, cloistered, conciliatory, concordant, cool, domesticated, dovelike, dovish, dwindling, ebbing, even-tenored, gentle, halcyon, housebroken, humble, hushed, idyllic, impassive, irenic, isolated, lamblike, meek, mild, moldering, mollifying, nonaggressive, noncombatant, nonmilitant, nonviolent, orderly, pacificatory, pacifist, pacifistic, pacifying, pastoral, peace-loving, peaceable, peaceful, peacetime, piping, placative, placatory, placid, propitiative, propitiatory, quiescent, quiet, reconciliatory, reposeful, reposing, restful, resting, secluded, sequestered, sequestrated, serene, sheltered, smooth, soft, soothing, still, still as death, stillish, stilly, stoic, stolid, subdued, subsiding, tame, tamed, tranquil, unagitated, unbellicose, uncontentious, undisturbed, unhostile, unmilitant, unmilitary, unmoved, unperturbed, unruffled, unstirring, untroubled, waning