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A to Z, A to izzard, Anschluss, addition, affiliation, agglomeration, aggregate, aggregation, agreement, all, all and sundry, alliance, alpha and omega, amalgamation, assemblage, assimilation, association, be-all, be-all and end-all, beginning and end, blend, blending, business deal, cabal, cartel, centralization, coalescence, coalition, combination, combine, combo, commercial transaction, complement, composition, confederacy, confederation, congeries, conglomeration, conjugation, conjunction, consolidation, conspiracy, deal, each and every, ecumenism, embodiment, encompassment, enosis, everything, federalization, federation, fusion, hookup, inclusion, incorporation, integration, junction, junta, league, length and breadth, marriage, meld, melding, merger, negotiation, one and all, operation, package, set, solidification, syncretism, syndication, syneresis, synthesis, the corpus, the ensemble, the entirety, the lot, the whole, the whole range, tie-up, transaction, turn, unification, union, wedding