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List of prefiguration synonyms and prefiguration related words.

actuarial prediction, adumbration, apocalypse, augury, auspice, betokening, betokenment, foreboding, forecast, forecasting, foreshadow, foreshadowing, foreshowing, foresight, foretelling, foretoken, foretokening, guesswork, improbability, indicant, indication, omen, portent, prediction, prefigurement, prefiguring, preindication, premonitory shiver, premonitory sign, premonitory symptom, presage, presaging, presentiment, preshowing, presignifying, probability, prognosis, prognostic, prognostication, promise, prophecy, prophesying, prospectus, shadow, sign, soothsay, speculation, statistical prediction, token, tokening, type, vaticination