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Al, Grade A, acquired taste, advantageousness, affection, affirmation, agreeableness, air, ancestry, appreciation of excellence, arete, aristocracy, aristocraticalness, aroma, atmosphere, attribute, aura, auspiciousness, badge, beneficialness, benevolence, benignity, birth, blood, blue blood, blue-ribbon, body-build, brand, cachet, caliber, capacity, cast, character, characteristic, characteristics, choiceness, civilized taste, civilizedness, class, climate, cogency, complexion, composition, condition, configuration, constituents, constitution, crasis, cultivated taste, cultivation, culture, cut, daintiness, delicacy, desert, dharma, diathesis, differentia, differential, dignity, discrimination, disposition, distinction, distinctive feature, earmark, elegance, element, elite, eminence, ethos, excellence, excellency, expedience, factor, fairness, fastidiousness, favorableness, feature, feel, feeling, fiber, figure, fine, fineness, finesse, first-class, first-rate, first-rateness, flavor, flower, footing, frame, genius, genteelness, gentility, gentry, good taste, goodliness, goodness, grace, gracefulness, gracility, graciosity, graciousness, grade, grain, grandeur, gust, habit, hallmark, healthiness, helpfulness, honorable descent, hue, humor, humors, idiocrasy, idiosyncrasy, ilk, importance, impress, impression, index, individualism, individuality, keynote, kind, kindness, lineaments, makeup, mannerism, mark, marking, merit, milieu, mold, nature, niceness, nicety, nobility, noble birth, nobleness, note, odor, overtone, parameter, part, particularity, patriciate, peculiarity, perfection, physique, place, pleasantness, polish, position, predication, prime, profitableness, prominence, property, quirk, rank, refinement, relation, rewardingness, role, royalty, savor, seal, sense, shape, singularity, situation, skillfulness, smack, society, somatotype, sophistication, sort, soundness, specialty, spirit, stamp, standing, state, station, stature, status, streak, stripe, subtlety, suchness, superbness, superior, superiority, supremacy, system, taint, tang, taste, tastefulness, temper, temperament, tendency, tenor, token, tone, trait, trick, type, undertone, upper class, usefulness, validity, value, vein, virtue, virtuousness, way, wholeness, worth