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abolish, abolishment, abolition, abrogate, abrogation, anamnesis, annul, annulment, arouse, awaken, bid come, bring back, bring to mind, bring to recollection, call, call away, call back, call for, call forth, call in, call out, call to mind, call together, call up, cancel, canceling, cancellation, carry back, cassation, cite, commitment to memory, conjure, conjure up, constitutional referendum, convene, convoke, countermand, counterorder, defeasance, demand, denial, deny, direct initiative, disannul, disavow, disavowal, disown, do away with, educe, elicit, evoke, exercise of memory, extract, facultative referendum, flashback, forswear, give a hint, give the cue, go back, go back over, hark back, hindsight, hold the promptbook, indent, indirect initiative, initiative, invalidate, invalidation, invoke, jog the memory, learning by heart, look back, looking back, make void, mandate, mandatory referendum, memoir, memorization, memorizing, memory, mind, muster, muster up, nag, nudge, nullification, nullify, order up, override, overrule, page, palinode, plebiscite, plebiscitum, preconize, prompt, prompt the mind, put in mind, put in remembrance, recall to mind, recalling, recant, recantation, recapture, recollect, recollecting, recollection, reconsideration, reevoke, referendum, reflect, reflection, remember, remembering, remembrance, remind, remind one of, reminisce, reminiscence, renege, repeal, requisition, rescind, rescinding, rescindment, rescission, retain, retrace, retract, retraction, retrospect, retrospection, return, reversal, reverse, review, review in retrospect, revive, revocation, revoke, revokement, rote, rote memory, rouse, see in retrospect, send after, send for, serve, set aside, setting aside, statutory referendum, stir, study, subpoena, suggest, summon, summon forth, summon up, summons, suspend, suspension, take, take back, think back, think of, use hindsight, vacate, vacation, vacatur, void, voidance, voiding, waive, waiver, waiving, waken, withdraw, withdrawal, write off, write-off