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List of rehearse synonyms and rehearse related words.

add up, allegorize, announce, apprentice, battologize, break, break in, break the news, breed, bring up, bring word, cast up, cipher up, condition, count up, cultivate, describe, detail, develop, discipline, drill, exercise, fable, fabulize, fetch up, fictionalize, figure up, fill, fit, foot up, form, foster, give a report, give an encore, give tidings of, go over, go through, groom, house-train, housebreak, improve, inform, inventory, itemize, iterate, lick into shape, mythicize, mythify, mythologize, narrate, novelize, nurse, nurture, pad, practice, prepare, put in tune, put to school, raise, ready, reaffirm, rear, reassert, recap, recapitulate, recite, reckon up, recount, rehash, reissue, reiterate, relate, repeat, report, reprint, restate, resume, retail, retell, review, reword, romance, rumor, run over, run through, say over, say over again, score up, send to school, state, storify, study, sum, sum up, summarize, summate, take in hand, tally up, tautologize, tell, tell a story, tot up, total, total up, tote up, train, unfold a tale, write up