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List of reins synonyms and reins related words.

Oregon boat, back band, backstrap, bearing rein, bellyband, bilbo, bit, blinders, blinds, bond, bonds, breeching, bridle, camisole, caparison, cavesson, chains, checkrein, cheekpiece, chinband, cinch, collar, crownband, crupper, cuffs, curb, fetter, gag, gag swivel, girth, gyves, hackamore, halter, hames, hametugs, hamper, handcuffs, harness, headgear, headstall, helm, hip straps, hobbles, hopples, irons, jaquima, jerk line, leading strings, leash, lines, manacle, martingale, muzzle, noseband, pillory, pole strap, reins of government, restraint, restraints, ribbons, rudder, saddle, shackle, shaft tug, side check, snaffle, stocks, straightjacket, strait-waistcoat, straitjacket, stranglehold, surcingle, tack, tackle, tether, tiller, trammel, trammels, trappings, tug, wheel, winker braces, yoke