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List of roving synonyms and roving related words.

Wanderjahr, aberrant, aberrative, adrift, afloat, afoot and lighthearted, aimless, aimlessness, alternating, amorphous, bumming, by the way, capricious, changeable, changeful, circuitous, circumforaneous, departing, desultoriness, desultory, deviable, deviant, deviating, deviative, deviatory, devious, digressive, digressiveness, discursion, discursive, discursiveness, divagation, divagatory, dizzy, drifting, eccentric, episodic, errant, errantry, erratic, excursive, fast and loose, fickle, fitful, flickering, flighty, flitting, floating, fluctuating, footloose, footloose and fancy-free, freakish, fugitive, gadding, giddy, gypsy-like, gypsyish, hoboism, impetuous, impulsive, inconsistent, inconstant, indecisive, indirect, infirm, irregular, irresolute, irresponsible, itineracy, itinerancy, labyrinthine, landloping, loose, maundering, mazy, meandering, mercurial, migrational, migratory, moody, nomad, nomadic, nomadism, out-of-the-way, perambulatory, peregrination, pererration, peripatetic, planetary, ramble, rambling, ranging, restless, roam, roaming, rove, scatterbrained, serpentine, shapeless, shifting, shifty, shuffling, snaky, spasmodic, spineless, straggling, stray, straying, strolling, swerving, traipsing, transient, transitory, transmigratory, turning, twisting, unaccountable, uncertain, uncontrolled, undependable, undirected, undisciplined, unfixed, unpredictable, unreliable, unrestrained, unsettled, unstable, unstable as water, unstaid, unsteadfast, unsteady, vacillating, vagabond, vagabondage, vagabondia, vagabondism, vagrancy, vagrant, variable, veering, vicissitudinary, vicissitudinous, volatile, wandering, wanderlust, wanton, wavering, wavery, wavy, wayfaring, wayward, whimsical, winding, wishy-washy, zigzag