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List of sadness synonyms and sadness related words.

aching heart, agony, agony of mind, anguish, bale, beggarliness, bitterness, blackishness, bleakness, bleeding heart, blue devils, blues, broken heart, cheapness, cheerlessness, comfortlessness, contemptibleness, crumminess, crushing, darkishness, darkness, darksomeness, dejectedness, dejection, depression, depth of misery, desolation, despair, despicableness, despondency, dinge, discomfort, disconsolateness, disconsolation, dismalness, dispiritedness, distress, distressfulness, doldrums, dolor, downcastness, downheartedness, downs, dreariness, dumps, duskiness, duskness, extremity, forlornness, funereality, funk, gaudiness, gloom, gloominess, graveness, grief, grievousness, heartache, heavy heart, heavyheartedness, hopelessness, infelicity, joylessness, lamentability, lamentation, listlessness, meanness, megrims, melancholia, melancholy, meretriciousness, meritlessness, miserableness, misery, moodiness, mopes, mournfulness, mourning, pain, painfulness, paltriness, pathos, pitiability, pitiableness, pitifulness, poignancy, poorness, prostration, regrettableness, shabbiness, sharpness, shoddiness, soberness, sobriety, somberness, sorriness, sorrow, sorrowfulness, suds, suicidal despair, swarth, swarthiness, swartness, unhappiness, unworthiness, vileness, woe, woebegoneness, woefulness, worthlessness, wretchedness