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adjust, ailing, alphabetize, analyze, appraise, arrange, array, assess, assort, batch, battery, blood, body, body-build, bolt, brand, break down, breed, bulk, cast, catalog, catalogue, categorize, category, character, characteristic, characteristics, characterize, choose, clan, clarify, class, classification, classify, clear up, clutch, codify, collate, color, comb, combine, complexion, composition, constituents, constitution, contradistinguish, crasis, cull, decide, demarcate, demark, denomination, describe, description, designation, dharma, diathesis, differentiate, digest, discriminate, disposition, distinguish, divide, draw the line, enlarge, ethos, evaluate, factor, family, feather, fiber, file, form, frame, gauge, genius, genre, genus, gradate, grade, graduate, grain, group, habit, hue, humor, humors, identify, ilk, index, indisposed, individual, kidney, kin, kind, label, line, list, lot, low, make, makeup, manner, mark, mark the interface, match, measure, merge, mold, mould, nature, number, of a sort, of sorts, order, organize, out of sorts, parcel, person, persuasion, phylum, physique, pick, pick out, pigeonhole, place, property, proportion, put straight, quality, race, range, rank, rate, resolve, riddle, screen, screen out, segregate, select, separate, set, set a limit, set apart, set off, set straight, sever, severalize, shape, sieve, sieve out, sift, sift out, size, solve, somatotype, somewhat, sort of, sort out, species, spirit, split hairs, stamp, stock, straighten out, strain, streak, stripe, style, subdivide, subgenus, subordinate, subspecies, subtilize, suchness, suite, system, systematize, systemize, tabulate, temper, temperament, tendency, tenor, the like of, the likes of, thing, thrash out, throw, tidy up, tone, tribe, type, under the weather, unwell, variety, vein, way, weigh, winnow