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Bifrost, a breath, accouple, accumulate, ace, aesthetic distance, agglutinate, amass, amplitude, appraise, appreciate, apse, arcade, arcature, arch, arch over, arched roof, archway, articulate, assay, assemble, assess, associate, band, bascule bridge, bateau bridge, beam, bestraddle, bestride, bit, bond, both, bowshot, brace, bracket, breadth, bridge, bridge over, brief span, broadness, calculate, calibrate, caliper, camber, cantilever bridge, carry, catwalk, ceilinged roof, cement, chain, check a parameter, clap together, clearance, close quarters, close range, collect, combine, compass, comprise, compute, concameration, concatenate, concha, conglobulate, conjoin, conjugate, connect, copulate, couple, couple up, couplet, course, cove, cover, crack, cross, cupola, day, deep space, depths of space, dial, distance, distance across, distich, divergence, divide, dome, double harness, double-harness, double-team, doublet, drawbridge, duad, duet, duo, duration, dyad, earreach, earshot, embrace, encompass, environ, equipage, estimate, evaluate, expanse, extend, extend over, extension, extent, farness, fateful moment, fathom, floating bridge, flyover, footbridge, four-in-hand, fullness, gangboard, gangplank, gangway, gather, gauge, geodesic dome, glue, go, go out, go over, graduate, gunshot, hair, hair space, hairbreadth, hairsbreadth, hang over, hold, hour, igloo, imbricate, inch, include, infinity, instant, interval, join, juncture, jut, kairos, keystone, knot, lap, lap over, latitude, lay together, league, leeway, length, lengthiness, lie, lie over, lift bridge, light-years, linear measures, link, little, little bit, little ways, little while, long time, longitude, longness, lump together, margin, marry, marshal, mass, match, mate, mates, measure, mensurate, merge, mete, meter, mileage, minute, mobilize, moment, moment of truth, no time, ogive, overall length, overarch, overbridge, overcrossing, overhang, overlap, overlie, overpass, override, pace, pair, pair of winks, pair off, parsecs, period, perpetuity, perspective, piece, piece together, pistol shot, plumb, point, pontoon bridge, pregnant moment, prize, probe, psychological moment, put together, quantify, quantize, randem, range, rate, reach, reach out, remoteness, rig, roll into one, rope bridge, run, season, separation, set of two, shingle, short distance, short piece, short spell, short time, short way, size, size up, skewback, small space, solder, sound, space, spell, spike, spike team, spitting distance, splice, spread, spurt, stage, step, stepping-stone, stepstone, stick together, straddle, stretch, stretch out, stride, surround, survey, suspension bridge, sweep, swing bridge, take a reading, take in, tandem, tape, team, team up, term, the two, three-up, thrust out, tie, time, time lag, toll bridge, triangulate, turnout, twain, two, two shakes, twosome, unicorn, unify, unite, valuate, value, vault, vaulting, viaduct, voussoir, way, ways, weigh, weld, while, wideness, width, yardage, yoke