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List of swamped synonyms and swamped related words.

afloat, aground, at flood, awash, bathed, castaway, deluged, dipped, drenched, dribbling, dripping, dripping wet, drowned, engulfed, flooded, foundered, grounded, high and dry, immersed, in spate, inflood, inundated, macerated, marooned, on the rocks, oozing, overflowed, overwhelmed, permeated, saturated, seeping, set fast, shipwrecked, soaked, soaking, soaking wet, soaky, sodden, soggy, sopping, sopping wet, soppy, soused, steeped, stranded, stuck, stuck fast, submerged, submersed, swept, washed, water-washed, waterlogged, watersoaked, weeping, weltering, whelmed, wrecked, wringing wet