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List of trawl synonyms and trawl related words.

angle, bait, bait the hook, birdlime, bob, bola, clam, cobweb, dap, dib, dibble, drag, draggle, dragnet, draw, drive, fish, fishhook, fly, fly-fish, gig, gill net, go fishing, grig, ground bait, guddle, hale, haul, heave, hook, jack, jacklight, jig, lariat, lasso, lime, lug, lure, meshes, net, noose, plug, pound net, pull, purse seine, seine, shrimp, snake, snare, sniggle, spin, spinner, springe, squid, still-fish, take in tow, toils, torch, tow, trail, train, troll, tug, whale, wobbler