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arrange, assay, be a gas, be a hit, bill, bomb, bring to test, clear for action, clear the decks, confirm, cure, cut and try, demonstrate, deploy, dramatize, dress, essay, examine, experiment, fail, feature, fix, fix up, flop, get ready, give a try, give a tryout, have a go, headline, inspect, make a hit, make arrangements, make preparations, make ready, marshal, melodramatize, mobilize, mount, open, open a show, plan, play around with, practice upon, prearrange, premiere, prep, prepare, present, pretreat, preview, process, produce, prove, provide, put in shape, put on, put to trial, ready, ready up, research, road-test, run a sample, sample, scenarize, scrutinize, set the stage, settle preliminaries, shake down, stage, star, substantiate, succeed, tan, taste, test, theatricalize, treat, trim, try, try it on, validate, verify