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List of unoccupied synonyms and unoccupied related words.

abandoned, at leisure, at liberty, at loose ends, available, blank, blankminded, calm, deserted, disengaged, empty, empty-headed, fallow, fatuous, forsaken, free, godforsaken, idle, inane, incogitant, jobless, leisure, leisured, lumpen, nirvanic, oblivious, off, off duty, off work, open, otiose, out of employ, out of harness, out of work, passive, quietistic, relaxed, retired, semiretired, spare, tenantless, thoughtfree, thoughtless, tranquil, unemployable, unemployed, unfilled, unideaed, uninhabited, unintellectual, unmanned, unpeopled, unpopulated, unreasoning, unstaffed, untaken, untenanted, untended, unthinking, vacant, vacuous