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List of valetudinarian synonyms and valetudinarian related words.

alcoholic, alternating personality, antisocial personality, apoplectic, arthritic, cachectic, case, consumptive, debilitated, disordered personality, disturbed personality, double personality, drained, drug user, dual personality, dyspeptic, emotionally unstable personality, enervated, epileptic, escapist, exhausted, failing, feeble, frail, healthless, hostile personality, hypochondriac, hypochondriast, idiot, imaginary invalid, immature personality, in poor health, inadequate personality, incurable, inferior personality, infirm, inpatient, invalid, languishing, malade imaginaire, maladjusted personality, mentally defective personality, moral insanity, moribund, multiple personality, neuropath, neurotic, neurotic personality, outpatient, pale, paranoid personality, patient, peaked, peaky, perverse personality, psychoneurotic, psychopath, psychopathic personality, psychotic, psychotic personality, reduced, reduced in health, rheumatic, run-down, schizoid, schizoid personality, seclusive personality, sexual psychopath, shut-in, shut-in personality, sick person, sickly, sociopath, spastic, split personality, sufferer, terminal case, the sick, unhealthy, unsound, valetudinary, weak personality, weakened, weakly, with low resistance