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List of voidance synonyms and voidance related words.

BM, abolishment, abolition, abrogation, annulment, bloody flux, bowel movement, cancel, canceling, cancellation, cassation, catharsis, cleaning out, clearance, clearing, countermand, counterorder, crap, defeasance, defecation, dejection, depletion, diarrhea, discharging cargo, drainage, draining, dysentery, egress, elimination, emptying, evacuation, excretion, exhausting, exhaustion, flux, invalidation, lientery, loose bowels, movement, nullification, off-loading, purgation, purge, recall, recantation, removal, renege, repeal, rescinding, rescindment, rescission, retraction, reversal, revocation, revoke, revokement, runs, setting aside, shit, shits, stool, suspension, trots, turistas, unloading, vacation, vacatur, venting, voiding, waiver, waiving, withdrawal, write-off