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List of wait on synonyms and wait on related words.

abide, accompany, administer to, associate, associate with, assort with, attend, attend on, await, band together, bide, care for, cater to, chaperon, chore, combine, companion, conduct, confederate, consociate, consort with, convoy, couple with, dance attendance upon, do for, do service, do service to, drudge, escort, esquire, fetch and carry, flock together, go along with, go with, guard, guide, hang around with, help, herd together, keep company with, lackey, lead, look after, maid, mark time, marshal, minister to, mother, nurse, pander to, pay attentions to, run with, serve, shepherd, sit up for, squire, stay up for, sweat, sweat it out, sweat out, take care of, take out, tend, toady to, truckle to, upon, usher, valet, wait, wait for, wait up for, watch, watch and wait, work for