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Argus, Big Ben, Charley, abide, airplane spotter, alarm clock, alarm watch, anchor watch, and listen, animadvert, appear, assister, astronomical clock, atomic clock, attend, attend to, await, baby-sit, bakehead, be at, be present at, be vigilant, be watchful, bevy, bide, bit, black gang, boilerman, box chronometer, bug, bungs, cabin boy, calculate on, calendar clock, calendar watch, care for, case, catch, chaperon, charm, cherish, chips, chronograph, chronometer, chronopher, chronoscope, clepsydra, clock, clock movement, clocks, clockworks, cloud, come to, commissary steward, complement, conserve, count on, covey, cuckoo clock, custodianship, custody, day shift, deckhand, deckie, dekko, dial, digital clock, digital watch, do, dogwatch, eagle eye, electric clock, electronic clock, espial, espionage, examine, eye, eyeball, fire patrolman, fire warden, fireguard, fireman, flight, flock, follow, forestall, forward observer, foster, full time, gaggle, gape, gaze at, gnomon, go to, grandfather clock, graveyard shift, guard, guardedness, guardianship, gun loader, gunner, half time, half-hour glass, half-minute glass, hand, have a looksee, heed, hive, hold in view, horologe, horologium, hospital steward, hourglass, hunter, independent-seconds watch, inspect, invigilation, isochronon, journeyman, keep alert, keep guard, keep in sight, keep in view, keep under observation, keep vigil, keep watch, keep watch over, landing signalman, lobster trick, look, look about one, look after, look at, look for, look forward to, look lively, look on, look out, look out for, look sharp, look to, look upon, looking, lookout, lookout man, mail orderly, make a reconnaissance, marine chronometer, mark, mark time, matronize, metronome, mind, minister to, monitoring, mother, mount guard, murmuration, navigator, never nod, night shift, night watchman, note, notice, nurse, nurture, observance, observation, observe, ogle, oiler, overtime, part time, patrol, patroller, patrolman, peeled eye, peep, picket, plague, play the spy, police, preserve, proctoring, protege, provide for, prudence, purser, put under surveillance, qui vive, radio operator, reckon on, reconnoiter, regard, relay, remark, repeater, respect, ride herd on, roundsman, roustabout, sandglass, scan, scout, scout out, scrutinize, scrutiny, see, see after, see to, sentinel, sentry, sharp eye, shepherd, shift, show up, sit in, sit up for, skein, snip, snips, sparks, split schedule, split shift, spotter, spring, spy, spy out, spy upon, spying, stake out, stand guard, stand sentinel, stay up for, steward, stewardess, stewardship, stint, stoker, stop, sundial, sunrise watch, support, surveillance, swarm, sweat, sweat it out, sweat out, swing shift, tab, take care of, take charge of, take in, take note, take notice, telltale, tend, ticker, time, time switch, timekeeper, timepiece, timepieces, timer, torpedoman, tour, tour of duty, tout, trick, turn, turn of work, turn up, turnip, vedette, view, viewing, vigil, vigilance, visit, wait, wait for, wait on, wait up for, ward, wariness, watch and wait, watch and ward, watch out, watch out for, watch over, watcher, watchful eye, watchfulness, watching, watchkeeper, watchman, watchworks, weather eye, witness, witnessing, work shift, wristwatch, yeoman