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List of yacht synonyms and yacht related words.

bark, bawley, bilander, boat, brig, brigantine, bully, buss, canoe, caravel, carry sail, cat, catamaran, circumnavigate, clipper, coast, corsair, corvette, cross, cruise, cutter, dandy, dhow, dromond, fishing smack, flattie, four-masted bark, four-master, frigate, galiot, galleass, galleon, go by ship, go on shipboard, go to sea, hooker, hoy, ice yacht, junk, keelboat, ketch, knockabout, lateen, lateener, lorcha, lugger, make a passage, motorboat, navigate, nobby, ocean racer, outrigger, pilot boat, pinnace, piragua, pirogue, ply, pram, pungy, racing yacht, rigger, row, run, sail, sail round, sail the sea, sailing auxiliary, sailing canoe, sailing dinghy, sailing packet, sailing trawler, sampan, sandbagger, schooner, scooter, scull, seafare, shallop, sharpie, shipentine, skipjack, sloop, smack, smack boat, snow, steam, steamboat, take a voyage, tartan, topsail schooner, traverse, trimaran, voyage, well smack, whaler, wool-clipper, xebec, yawl