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List of yawning synonyms and yawning related words.

abysmal, abyssal, agape, ajar, anesthetized, bottomless, cataleptic, cavernous, comatose, deep as hell, dehiscence, dehiscent, doped, doziness, dozy, dreamy, drowsiness, drowsy, drugged, drugged with sleep, fathomless, gape, gaping, half asleep, heaviness, heavy, heavy with sleep, heavy-eyed, in a stupor, languid, languor, lethargic, lethargy, napping, narcoleptic, narcose, narcotized, narcous, nodding, openmouthed, oscitancy, oscitant, oscitation, out of it, pandiculation, plumbless, plunging, ringent, sedated, slack-jawed, sleep-drowned, sleep-drunk, sleep-filled, sleep-swollen, sleepful, sleepiness, sleepy, slumberous, slumbery, snoozy, somnolence, somnolency, somnolent, soporific, soundless, stretching, stretchy, stuporose, stuporous, the gapes, unfathomable, unfathomed, unsounded, without bottom, yawn, yawny