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List of yokel synonyms and yokel related words.

Babbitt, Philistine, arriviste, babe, backwoodsman, blockhead, blunderer, blunderhead, boor, boorish, botcher, bounder, bourgeois, bucolic, bumbler, bumpkin, bungler, cad, child, child of nature, churl, churlish, clod, cloddish, clodhopper, clodhopping, clodknocker, clot, clown, clownish, countrified, country bumpkin, country-born, country-bred, dolt, dove, dupe, epicier, farmer, farmerish, from the sticks, fumbler, gawk, gawky, gowk, groundling, guttersnipe, hayseed, hick, hicky, hillbilly, hobnailed, hooligan, ill-bred fellow, infant, ingenue, innocent, inurbane, klutz, lamb, looby, lout, loutish, low fellow, lubber, lummox, lumpen, lumpish, mere child, mucker, noble savage, nouveau riche, oaf, ox, parvenu, peasant, ribald, rough, roughneck, rowdy, rube, ruffian, rustic, simple soul, slouch, slubberer, uncouth, uncultivated, uncultured, unpolished, unrefined, unsophisticate, up-country, upstart, vulgarian, vulgarist, yokelish