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List of zealotry synonyms and zealotry related words.

bibliolatry, bigotry, charismatic gift, charismatic movement, charismatic renewal, excessiveness, extravagance, extremeness, extremism, fanaticalness, fanaticism, fervor, frenzy, fury, gift of tongues, glossolalia, hysteria, infatuation, mania, monomania, obsession, obsessiveness, overambitiousness, overanxiety, overanxiousness, overdevoutness, overeagerness, overenthusiasm, overpiousness, overreaction, overreligiousness, overrighteousness, overzealousness, pentecostalism, perfervidness, rabidness, radicalism, revival, revivalism, sanctimony, single-mindedness, terrorism, ultrazealousness, zeal, zealotism, zealousness